Traditional Teas

black tea
Specialty Coffee Tea Wholesaler, Passport Coffee Arabica, offers traditional and exotic teas from Asia such as Ceylon Chester, full-leaf orange pekoe from China, Darjeeling, Formosa Oolong, Assam, Indian Kalgar, Japanese Sencha green tea, Chinese Gunpowder, a young green tea rolled into pearls, Earl Grey, English Breakfast tea, Jasmine Tea with petals, iced tea blends, and decaffeinated teas.

Teas of Asia

CEYLON CHESTER | Brisk flavor & flowery aroma of honeysuckle

CHINA BLACK FOP | Flowery Orange Pekoe

DARJEELING | Sweet, wine-like flavor

FORMOSA OOLONG | Champagne of teas – light & lush

INDIA ASSAM | Full bodied, rich & malty

INDIA KALGAR | Strong, full bodied flavor

JASMINE WITH PETALS | Oriental blend with bouquet of jasmine

LAPSING SOUGHING | Oriental aroma with smoky flavor

Tea Blends

EARL GREY | Aromatic English blend with oil of Bergamot

ENGLISH BREAKFAST | Traditional blend of Ceylon & Indian teas

PASSPORT BLEND | Smooth hot – Clear & refreshing chilled

PASSPORT ICED TEA BLEND | Unique and flavorful blend

Decaffeinated Teas

DECAF CEYLON | Black tea with rich flavor

DECAF EARL GREY | Traditional with hint of bergamot