Green & White Teas

Specialty Coffee Tea Wholesaler, Passport Coffee Arabica, offers hand picked green tea leaves that are lightly steamed, and rolled to preserve the fresh green characteristics. Green teas are known to have high levels of anti-oxidants and are therefore, promoted as a healthy drink.

Green Teas of Asia

Premium Sencha

Spring Sencha

Lungching Green | Dragonwell

Chunmee Green | China’s most popular

Japanese Genmaicha | With roasted rice

Chinese Pinhead Gun Powder | Young green tea rolled into tiny pearls

Green Organic Hair Point

Jasmine Downy Pearls

Japanese Jade Sencha

White Teas

Bai Mudan (Peony) White- 1st grade

Organic Oothu- Bai Mudan

Dragon Fruit White

Goji Acai White

Peach White