Herbal Teas


Specialty Coffee & Tea Wholesaler, Passport Coffee Arabica, offers  healthy and delicious caffeine free beverages at wholesale prices select herbal teas blended from pure and natural botanicals.

Herbal Teas | Pure & natural botanicals naturally caffeine free

Hibiscus Flower
Lemon Grass
Peppermint Leaf
Rose Hips Blend
Spearmint Leaf
Whole Chamomile Flower
Vanilla Lemon Grass
Herbal Tea Blends
Desert Orange Rooibos
Cinnamon Orange Rooibos
Chocolate Almond Crème Rooibos-Tiramisu
Green Yoga Blend
Hibiscus Warmer
Lemon Mint Blend
Orange and Grapefruit Herbal Blend
Raspberry Hibiscus
Pink Lemon Flower
Peppermint Herbal Flower
Relaxing Tea (chamomile & peppermint)
Yerba Mate
Wellness Blend